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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your product tested by independent laboratories?

Yes. At Arcadia, we feel the quality of our product is of utmost importance. Our products are tested regularly and rigorously for mineral content, fulvic acid content, amino acid content, plate counts and heavy metals. Each test is conducted by an independent laboratory for honest and accurate results.

2. Is your product plant-derived?

Yes. Our product is of plant origin; it is extracted from a source material which was once a living rain forest. If a fulvic mineral is of plant origin, it must contain trace amounts of organic constituents, such as amino acids. Our minerals have been tested for amino acid content. A fulvic mineral should also contain carbon, iron and at least 60 or more trace minerals and elements.

3. Are your products free of known allergens?

Our fulvic acid mineral products are certified Halal, Kosher, Non-GMO Project verified, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free. Contact us for a full allergen statement and purity disclosure.

4. Are your products certified organic?

At this time, organic certification is not available for mineral products.  However, they are suitable for use in USDA Organic certified products; based on the extensive laboratory testing performed on our product, we know that our minerals are indeed organic for the following reasons:


  • They contain naturally occurring amino acids.
  • They contain colloidal carbon and colloidal iron.
  • They contain high quantities of fulvic acids and humic acids.


These scientific markers indicate the organic nature of our minerals. All mineral products on the market claiming to be “organic” should meet the same scientific criteria.

Need more convincing? Look at our research.

Clinical data supporting the benefits of Great Trace fulvic acid minerals.

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